Lydden International Motor Racing Circuit

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Lydden race circuit information  

It may be one of the shorter circuits in the UK, but it is very popular with both competitors and spectators. Competitors find the Lydden Circuit quite a challenge. It has a variety of bends, gradient and short straights, which keep competitors very busy. The circuit was designed and built by Mr. Bill Chesson in 1965. Originally 0.705 miles in length, it was increased to 1 mile in 1967 when the hairpin was extended up Hairy Hill. Spectators like Lydden because it is a natural bowl. Wherever they choose to view they can see 90% of the track.


Lydden is situated near the A2, west of Dover. It is approx 6 miles south-east of Canterbury. Travelling from Canterbury and following the A2, turn right, 1 mile past the Folkestone Road (A260) at the Race circuit sign. Follow the narrow country lane to the entrance which also gives access to the paddock.