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                                                   Was Erik right? 


At first glance it seems like an odd choice for a racing motorcycle  but the 1998 S1 White Lightning  is  generally  considered the  ultimate  expression  of  Erik Buell's core philosophies; mass centralisation and minimalism .


Combined with an aesthetic grace rarely seen in  motorcycle  design, this  is an icon;  the  defining  masterpiece of an enthusiast, not a machine  from a faceless corporation.  This  particular  model  is rightly perceived  by Buellista  as the pinnacle of Buelling, before  the  Harley Davidson  corporate influence dictated a softer, easier, more mainstream design the  rather less raw XB range.  


The question is ;  which is better? In a flush of experimental enthusiasm Team Begger will be campaigning an S1 against all comers in the  ' 06 season's newly announced "Thunderbike" series...... and, schedule clash permitting, the current "Sound of Thunder" class as well.  Granted that in the rarefied atmosphere of ex BSB machinery a Buell is a peculiar old lump . Common sense would dictate that a DucapprilTLVTR is a far more competitive machine  and  a much easier, probably cheaper, choice.... but we don't want to race one of those . We intend to see how a decently prepared, enthusiastically ridden tuber Buell compares to its contemporaries. 


Was Erik right? There will be no fairings, clip-ons or namby pamby windscreens,  we will be racing naked & erect! Enhanced with modern suspension and handling modifications supplied by our sponsors , expertly  set   up by Buell guru Maz, we will be diluting Erik's distinctive S1 as little as possible. Relying on the original design concepts, scalpel - like steering architecture  and  an engine almost half a century old,  amongst the mass of more  mainstream  machinery we will attempt to answer the question.... Was Erik right?  Will a tuber be competitive? Is the S1 the ultimate incarnation of Buelldom or are the XB series worthy successors to the Buell heritage?


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